Introducing Personal Gift Shopping

The biggest challenge when it comes to finding the perfect gift is time. Would you agree?

We strive to find the perfect gift, but often we have no idea where to begin. Then we wait until the last minute, and in a panic, we buy inconsequential clutter — which is always a letdown for you and the recipient. Finding a wholehearted gift becomes a time-consuming endeavor.

To help lift the stress and bring more joy to your gifting experience, we're now offering a "personal gift shopping" service. We'll help you find, purchase, wrap, and deliver the perfect gift. From birthday gifts to teacher appreciation gifts to holiday gifts and all the other special (and sometimes not so special) moments, we can help you with your gift shopping needs all year round.

About Personal Gift Shopping

Our gift shopping service is similar to a hotel concierge. While a hotel concierge has impressive powers for assisting you with almost any travel problem you might have, we're readily available, equipped, and skilled at making gift recommendations and handling your various gifting needs.

Our personal gift shopping priority is to allow you, the gift-giver, to focus on celebrating, encouraging, and supporting the important people in your life. We thoughtfully curate inspiring items for your family, best friends, coworkers, spouse, neighbors, and teachers will cherish.

How the Personal Gift Shopping Process Works

We begin the process by having you fill out a simple questionnaire. From there, I'll reach out to you personally so we can gather more information about the occasion, gift recipient, ideas you may (or may not) have, budget and timeline. Next, my team and I will coordinate all the details with you to ensure a meaningful and thoughtful gift is delivered to the recipient.

Types of Gifts

The Organized House curates meaningful and unique gift ideas for all of life's special and not-so-special moments — anniversaries, birthdays, new home, loss of job, graduations, bereavement, holidays, weddings, bachelorettes, illness, retirement, new baby, engagement, and all the other celebrations and milestones.

We can do all the heavy lifting from ideation to delivery, or if you already have a gift idea selected, we can lend you a helping hand by buying, wrapping, and/or delivering it. You choose how you would like us to help.

The Cost of Personal Gift Shopping

Gift shopping services start at $60 an hour. Once we receive your request and have all the details, we will provide you with an estimate to review before getting started. Gift wrapping ranges from $15 to $40+. We currently offer free hand-delivery services within Lake Oswego, and delivery costs to selected surrounding areas vary from $20+. Contact us to get the delivery cost to your location.

Giving a gift is a special way of showing thoughtfulness, love, and affection. It depicts how we care for and appreciate the special people in our life. But sometimes, coming up with the perfect gift is harder than it seems. For many of you, there is a time shortage, or it isn't easy coming up with ideas, or we don't know the best way to support our loved one, or gift-wrapping is just not a forte. So lean on us to help you be the best gift-giver — our goal is to make your gifting effortless and enjoyable.