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Are Custom Closets Expensive?

Updated: Apr 3

Sometimes, a custom closet costs less than you think, and most importantly, it is so, so, so worth it.

For starters, a custom closet can vary significantly depending on various factors. To give you a general idea, a basic custom kid's bedroom closet with standard materials and features might hover around the $1,200.00 price mark. However, the cost can go up to several thousand dollars for larger, more complex, or high-end custom closets with premium materials, accessories, and additional features like built-in lighting or specialized storage solutions. Like $10,000.00+.

Here are a few important factors that can affect the cost of a customized closet.

  • Size: The larger the closet, the more materials and labor will be required, which can increase the cost.

  • Materials: The type and quality of materials used, such as wood, laminate, or metal, will impact the overall cost.

  • Design and Complexity: A more intricate design with features like drawers, shelves, racks, and pull-out accessories will generally cost more.

  • Accessories: Adding features like integrated lighting, mirrors, or specialized storage solutions (e.g., shoe racks, jewelry organizers, lighting, and safes) will add to the cost.

  • Location: The cost of labor and materials can vary depending on your location.

  • Brand and Professionalism: Reputable and experienced custom closet companies may charge more for their services than smaller, less established businesses.

While custom closets may have a higher upfront cost, they truly offer a range of benefits that can greatly enhance your space and improve your daily life (I'm serious!).

Cost of A Custom Closet
An Elfa Decor custom closet from The Container Store

Top Ten Benefits Of A Custom Closet

Over the last 18 months, I've designed roughly 24 personalized closets for my clients. These are the top ten benefits that my clients consistently mention:

  1. Maximized Space: Since you can utilize every nook and corner efficiently with clients gain more storage capacity than a standard, generic closet.

  2. Personalization: With a custom closet, everything can be designed according to specific needs and preferences. No more hodge-podge bins and baskets!

  3. Improved Organization: Custom closets are designed to keep everything organized and easily accessible. There can be specialized compartments for different types of clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items, making it easier to find what you need quickly.

  4. Enhanced Functionality: Adding various features and accessories, such as pull-out drawers, shelves, shoe racks, jewelry trays, and tie holders, significantly increase the functionality of the closet and helps keep everything in order.

  5. Quality and Durability: With a custom closet, you have more control over the quality of materials used. This can result in a sturdier and more durable closet than pre-built, mass-produced options.

  6. Increased Property Value: Custom closets are often seen as desirable features in a home. Should you ever decide to sell your property, a well-designed and organized custom closet can add to its market value and appeal to potential buyers.

  7. Space Utilization: Custom closets can be tailored to fit in awkward or tight spaces, such as under staircases or in sloped ceilings. This allows you to make the most of areas that otherwise go unused.

  8. Streamlined Morning Routines: With a custom closet that keeps everything in order, your morning routine can become more efficient. You'll spend less time searching for items, making getting ready for the day a breeze.

  9. Reduced Clutter: An organized custom closet encourages you to keep only the items you need and love, reducing clutter and making your living space more enjoyable.

  10. Flexibility and Adaptability: As your needs change, you can easily adapt and reconfigure a custom closet to accommodate your evolving storage requirements.

Where To Get A Custom Closet

There are several places where you can get a custom closet designed and installed. These are my top three recommendations.

  1. The Container Store: The closet design service from The Container Store is a top choice because of its great flexibility. There are many layout options, finishes, and costs available to suit different needs. This service includes three different closet lines: Elfa, Avera, and Preston. The Classic and Decor models of the Elfa organizing system are especially popular because of their versatility and easy installation. In addition, The Container Store has its upgraded Avera closet systems and even higher-end Preston systems.

  2. California Closets: When it comes to luxurious closet designs with advanced features such as glass-front drawers, charging stations, and built-in digital safes, California Closets is a widely recognized brand. They offer five different types of closet layouts with various color combinations and textures to choose from, each with its unique aesthetic design.

  3. Closets By Design: You have the option to choose from four unique closet styles: Everyday, Classic, Regency, or Brio. Each style can be tailored to your preferences with shelving units, drawers, and cabinets. If you want to add a personal touch, you can upgrade with aesthetic customizations and accessories, like half-overlay deco doors and crown molding.

Overall, a custom closet is an investment in your home's organization and aesthetics, providing a functional and personalized space that brings joy and ease to your daily life. If you have a closet that could benefit from a custom closet and are curious about the price, send me a message, and I can create a free customer closet design for you.


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