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Embracing the Winds of Change: From Crissy Field to the Pages of My Book

Back in 2007, when I moved from Michigan to San Francisco, I decided to try my hand at windsurfing. Let me tell you, it's HARD! This wasn't just a casual vacation activity; I dedicated most of my days, sometimes even six days a week, for a whole four months at Crissy Field to get the hang of it. I really got to know the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay during that time. This experience taught me a lot about perseverance, keeping calm under pressure, and facing my fears way more than I ever expected. Have you ever been spooked by something large and unknown while in the dark and cold waters?

wind surfing at crissy field
How I spent most first several weeks leaning how to wind surf - in the water.

And you know what? The rollercoaster ride of learning to windsurf was a lot like the journey of writing my book, Clearing Clutter, Creating Joy. At first glance, one's all about conquering physical elements, and the other's a deep dive into the soul-stirring process of writing. But dig a little deeper, and you'll see they're not so different. Both paths were littered with hurdles, pushed me to my limits, and taught me invaluable lessons about growth and achievement.

Catching the Wind: The Start

Deciding to take on the winds at Crissy Field stirred up a mix of thrill and nerves, much like the moment I decided to start writing my book. Both times, I was swamped with questions. Could I master the wild winds and waters? Could I capture the essence of decluttering in words? Kicking off both adventures required a leap of faith.

Riding the Breeze: Keeping On

Windsurfing at Crissy Field meant facing its tough conditions head-on. There were days I spent more time in the water than on the board, which felt eerily similar to the days my writing felt more like wrestling with words than crafting sentences. The secret sauce? Showing up, every single day, no matter what. It wasn’t just about brute force; it was about learning from every fall, fine-tuning my approach, and slowly but surely finding my flow.

Weathering the Storm: Doubt

Oh, doubt, my familiar foe. It could knock me off my board with a rogue gust or send my writer's confidence into a tailspin. But facing those doubts was crucial—they made me pause, ponder why I started, and muster the courage to keep going. Tackling these inner storms was as much a victory as any tangible achievement.

The Breakthrough: Achievement

There's something magical about that moment when it all comes together—catching the perfect gust of wind or penning a sentence that just clicks. These triumphs didn't happen overnight; they were the sum of many small victories, each one a step towards mastery. They were sweet reminders that sticking with it through thick and thin really does pay off.

wind surfing in maui
Confidently-ish able to windsurf in Maui

After the Storm: Reflection

Four months later, standing on the shore or behind my desk, I felt a profound sense of accomplishment. These experiences didn’t just teach me windsurfing or how to write a book; they unearthed a deeper resilience, patience, and belief in myself. They proved that facing challenges head-on, pushing through tough times, and celebrating growth is what life's all about.

So, as it turns out, my time at Crissy Field and the journey of writing Clearing Clutter, Creating Joy were more than just about learning a sport or finishing a book. They were about embracing challenges, finding joy in the process, and realizing our potential is boundless. Whether it's battling the physical elements or the daunting task of putting pen to paper, the real magic lies in starting, persisting, learning, and, most importantly, celebrating every step of the journey.


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