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Eight Home Organizing Finds on Etsy

Updated: Apr 3

Do you shop on Etsy? Until this year, I hadn't perused the marketplace since 2016. Now, it's my go-to shopping for one-of-a-kind artisan items, and I especially like it for sourcing beautifully designed organizational products for my clients. So, if you're looking for unique home organizing products that are functional and beautiful, I highly recommend checking out Etsy. I've compiled a shortlist of my favorite home organizational items to kickstart your Etsy search.

Tip: you can filter by location, so if you want to buy locally, you can use the 'Shop Location' filter and choose your city or state.

Custom labels by This Joyful House, starting at $2.00

Labels are an efficient organizing system that lets everyone know where to find and return items. When your bins, baskets, canisters, and folders are labeled, putting away things becomes an effortless and enjoyable activity, regardless of who utilizes the space.

Toy hammock by Sun Raised Studios, starting at $29.95

This toy hammock is both adorable and functional. When organizing, everything needs a good home, including stuffed animals. A toy hammock is excellent for maximizing vertical space and utilizing awkward corners. It would be a cute addition to any kid's bedroom or playroom.

Felt bins by Wooly Clouds, starting at $36.50

Organizing doesn't mean stacks of generic plastics bins and baskets tucked away in closets and cabinets. Instead, you can aesthetically store various items in these felt bins making your space organized and beautiful.

Acrylic Calendar by Circle and Square Decor, starting at $62.10

Clear the clutter and take control of the chaos by creating a family command center, starting with this beautiful dry-erase acrylic calendar. All in one place, you'll know everything your family has on tap for the day, week, and month.

Wall Hooks by Luxholdups, starting at $39.00

Hooks allow you to utilize vertical square footage and minimize the mess. Yes, you can slap up a command hook, but incorporating beautifully designed hooks makes your wall visually appealing -- like a beautiful art piece.

Jewelry Organizer by Oak Knoll Creations, starting at $75.00

Jewelry makes a beautiful statement, so why not display the pieces you love and cherish the most? Plus, with proper organization, you'll always know where items are located and you'll preserve the longevity of your investment pieces.

Floating shelves by Hope Springs Decor, starting at $66.00

If you've already decluttered and are still longing for more space, you can always take advantage of the upwards real estate of walls. Adding floating shelves is a space-saving organizing solution for displaying your books, photos, plants, bins, and decorative items that make you smile.

Hanging storage baskets by Feeding Pickle, starting at $26.99

When organizing, bins and baskets are your best friends. These hanging baskets are a great home base for toys, books, legos, art supplies, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and all the other little things that need a proper place to be stored.

Sure, big store brands like Amazon, Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target have great organizing finds and are easy to shop, but Etsy is a special place for supporting small businesses and finding those one-of-a-kind statement items.


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