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How to Organize Your Kid's Artwork

Updated: Apr 3

There is nothing better than kid art, but man, it quickly accumulates and takes over. And now that school is back in session, the artwork will come home in droves.

So, what do you do with all the art?

Well, for starters, you cannot keep all of it. As much as you want to save every handprint, doodle, and coloring page, it's unrealistic to store every piece of art that enters the house. Here are a few ideas for helping you determine what's a keeper and what's not:

  • Ask your kids to help you decide. If they are having a hard time, you can ask them questions like, "what makes this drawing so special?" There is a very good chance your child will help you eliminate what doesn't bring them joy.

  • Declutter and do it often. Every few months, go through all the artwork and decide what the keepers are. If you still need to decide what to declutter, start by purging the art that is not aging well, including ripped paper, crackling paint, broken or chipped items, and fading or disintegrating pieces.

  • Create a space limit. A space limit is when you dedicate a specific box, bin, or drawer for your items. Once that area fills up, it's time to purge and eliminate. You can only add something to that space once you get rid of some items. I like using space limits for art because it allows you to safely keep several items as keepsakes while giving it a good home base.

Now that you have narrowed the artwork, here are four functional options for organizing your children's masterpieces.

1. Ribba and Hovsta from from IKEA If you're like me and think kid art is precious, you'll want an easy way to display it. The IKEA Ribba and Hovsta frames make it simple to change your kid's artwork as it comes in throughout the school year. Then, create a gallery wall to display all the pieces you love, or frame the seasonal artwork and display it during the holidays. Frames range from $2.99 - $24.99.

Organize Your Kid's Artwork With IKEA Frames

2. Zipper Pouches Use the letter, legal, or portfolio to store the artwork you want to keep. I love the portfolio size because you can easily hang it on a hook in the back of a closet, taking up minimal space. I like the SUNEE Plastic Zipper Pouches from Amazon and the Vinyl & Mesh Pouch from The Container Store. Pouches start at $4.99 - $14.99.

Organize Your Kid's Artwork With Zipper Pouches

3. Keepsake books from Chatbooks If space is limited and you don't want years and years of your kid's artwork lying around but still want to preserve the memories, create a keepsake book. As a bonus, the keepsake books make great gift ideas for grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Classic Chatbooks start at $20 for 30 pages.

Organize Your Kid's Artwork With Chatbooks

4. Artwork Hanger

For changing out art frequently, the artwork hangers are an easy option for displaying artwork (or holiday greeting cards or birthday cards). These hangers are best for smaller, lightweight artwork pieces. This mini clothes peg hanger is from Etsy, and they start at $19.22. You can also use the IKEA Dignitet curtain wire for displaying art, which is $15.99.

Organize Your Kid's Artwork With Wall Hangers

If you have any product organizing questions, please let me know. You can send an email to I'm happy to help you figure out the best products for your space.

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