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Yes to the IKEA TRONES: An Organizing Favorite

Updated: Apr 3

Living in a cramped one-bedroom San Francisco apartment and pregnant with our second child, we needed more storage for our shoes and my son's outdoor play items like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sand toys, sunscreen, hats, jump rope, etc. Easier said than done because our space was limited. I already maxed out under the bed and in the closets, but we had one wall in our long, narrow hallway.

I came across the IKEA TRONES cabinets while perusing Pinterest for ideas and was immediately drawn to their sleek and minimal design — the depth is only 7 1/8 inches. We started with one pack for the entry, but within a few days, we bought several more packs, stacking the TRONES five high and four wide and lining our entire hallway. Very similar to what you see here. Very similar to the IKEA TRONES image below.

IKEA TRONE Shoe Organizing Bins
IKEA TRONES are stackable. You can create more storage space by stacking the cabinets on top of each other or nestling side-by-side. (photo credit: IKEA)

TRONES are for more than just shoes

Yes, TRONES are designed to hold shoes, but they are nowhere near being a one-trick pony. With a bit of creative thinking, they can be used anywhere around the house — especially in areas with limited space. In closets, behind doors, as nightstands, in entryways, and in hallways.

Here's a very short list of what you can store in your IKEA TRONES:

  • magazines

  • stuffed animals

  • paper bags

  • water bottles

  • books

  • chargers and cables

  • sunscreen

  • pantry items

  • records

  • baseball hats

  • pool toys

  • knitting needles and yarn

  • art supplies

  • board games

  • clothing accessories like scarfs and belts

  • bathroom

  • swimsuits and beach towels

Search IKEA TRONES Hack on Pinterest to see interesting ways to spruce up the cabinets. Here are a few of my favorites.

Parting words about the IKEA TRONES

Eight years and four houses later, I'm still using and loving the IKEA TRONES shoe and storage cabinets. I bought the first set out of desperation, and little did I know how much they would be my favorite organizing solution even after all these years. Have you ever used the IKEA TRONES cabinets? I'd love to hear your feedback on how you set them up in your space.

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