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Over the Door Storage Rack: An Organizing Favorite

Updated: Apr 3

I'm a big fan of maximizing vertical space, especially in small spaces where space is a hot commodity. If you've already decluttered and are still longing for more space, you can always take advantage of the upward real estate of walls and especially doors.

There are several over-the-door storage and organizing solutions, but by far, my favorite has been the Over the Door Storage Rack from The Container Store. It's super easy to install and will be a game-changer for adding space and keeping everything organized and accessible. A few years back, I bought my first rack to use on our pantry door, and it dramatically increased our storage space. Since our move and gaining extra square footage, I've moved the rack to our playroom and added another to our linen closet door. Here is the Over Door Storage Rack I have set up in our playroom:

The Container Store Over the Door Rack For Organizng
The Over the Door Storage Rack is customizable. You can create your own using baskets, bins, pegboards and hooks.

  • The Container Store Over the Door Rack Maximize vertical space + endless customizations Cost — Starting around $100.00 (or less) Dimensions — It fits both standard and narrow doors Color — White, platinum, mesh, or wire

The Over the Door Rack Possibilities

With the Over the Door Rack, you can customize and adjust to your heart's content. It's not a one size fits all product. For example, you can install it over the door or mount it onto a wall. And if you have an odd size door, you can cut the mounting bracket to fit your dimensions. Create your unique rack by mixing and matching accessories like wrapping paper bins, utility boards, hooks, trays, shoe racks, and baskets. In addition, the Container Store offers a free design tool that allows you to design and customize your door or wall solution. I like this tool because the cost is calculated as you create it.

Search for Over the Door Rack on Pinterest or check out The Container Store for ideas and inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite Over the Door Rack designs:

TIP: Check Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, or your local Buy Nothing Group. I purchased my second Over the Door Rack from Nextdoor, paying half the price.

Parting words about the Over the Door Rack

Think vertically! The Over the Door Rack will help you unlock the hidden spaces in your house and boost your storage capacity exponentially. You'll be able to make space to give all your items a good home that is easy to access and maintain. Please share your favorite vertical space creations that have helped you stay organized.


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