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Gift Guide: Twelve Thoughtful & Fun Valentine's Day Gifts

Updated: Apr 3

The world can always use more love. So what's wrong with a day to practice showing it? I love the challenge this practice scenario gives me — it's a strong reason why Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.

It's a day we can spread love and tell the people we care about how much they mean to us. Plus, we feel an indescribable joy when we give a Valentine's Day gift to those we treasure the most. And making it memorable without spending an eternity shopping is what we all need the most.

My gift guide is perfect for your mom, friend, sister, coworker, partner, or special teacher. All items on the list vary in price and are personal choices that my friends or I have used, worn, obsessed over, or admired.

Valentines Day Gift Guide Ideas and Inspiration

Twelve Thoughtful & Fun Valentine's Day Gifts

7. The Sill Hoya Heart, $48.00

9. Crumbl Cookies, 4-pack $16.25

Spread the Love This Valentine's Day

I hope this Valentine's Day gift guide makes it simple to spread more love this year. If you like this gift guide, you can find other fun gifts on my Instagram account at #theorganizedhousegiftguide.


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