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Clear The Clutter
Simplify Your Home

We create functional organizing systems so families can get and stay organized.


Home Organizing For Real Life

The Organized House is a professional home organizing company helping families achieve order by removing the clutter and creating organizational systems that work with the natural flow of your home. We'll transform your space into a sanctuary filled with function and a beautiful aesthetic. 




From your closets to your home office, to your garage, we'll work together to determine what's truly important and what can go. We'll set up simple systems and techniques you and your family can use to minimize clutter and maintain order permanently. We'll even haul away whatever you decide to donate.



Starting an organizing project can be a daunting. It's overwhelming to think about where even to begin. Do you need to buy bins or baskets, or trays? Will you maintain it, let alone finish the project? Good news! You don't have to do it alone. We'll plan, shop, and implement, ensuring long-term organizing success. 


Space Planning

Do you feel like you are running out of room? Or that you could take better advantage of your space? Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to improve functionality and regain your space. We'll create new layouts and determine which organizational systems will work best for your family's lifestyle.



Moving is dreadful!

It's time-consuming, tedious, and often chaotic. But with the proper preparation and a plan of attack, the burden lightens. From sorting and eliminating unwanted items to managing movers to unpacking and organizing, we can support you through every step.

Happy Homes

" I was blown away by the transformation of our playroom. Michelle helped us purge, find the perfect storage solutions, and gave all the things a designated home. It's been weeks and the playroom is still organized because everything is so easy to maintain."


Best decision ever. Time is never on my side and the organizing systems that Michelle put in place will benefit our family for a very long time. 


"I was dreading the moving process, but the work Michelle did before moving day really made the process less stressful and easy."


"What I love most are the bins and labels Michelle set up. And I never had to step foot in a store or scour the web for ideas. It's been very easy to continue to keep things organized. There has been less chaos and more calm."




Monday - Friday
9am - 4pm



Serving the greater Portland area 

+ beyond

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