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Organizing Made Simple: The Five Fundamentals For Getting Organized

Updated: Apr 3

Let's face it – we've all been there, surrounded by chaos, wondering if our cluttered spaces are beyond help. But fear not! This blog post serves as your roadmap to mastering the five fundamentals for getting organized. These are the very steps I rely on for every client and each organizing endeavor. They are the tried-and-true 'secret sauce' for achieving lasting results.

By embracing these fundamentals, you're on the path to bid farewell to clutter and embrace a home that effortlessly stays organized. Are you ready to embark on this organizing journey with me? Together, we'll transform your space and make clutter a thing of the past.

Getting Organized For the Long Haul

1. Set A Purpose

Before you start organizing any space, take a moment to pause and think about its purpose. Ask yourself what activities will take place there and what items are essential to support those activities. You can even consider what you don't want to happen in that space (a question I always ask my clients). This clarity will help you create a customized organizing system that suits your needs. You will know what belongs in the area, what doesn't, and where everything should be kept, resulting in a practical and perfect setup.

2. Declutter

Clutter is the arch-enemy of organizing. To get things sorted, you've got to bid farewell to unnecessary items. It's like a treasure hunt – find what's broken, unused, and just taking up space. And during your decluttering sessions (yes, do it more than once), you should be ruthless. Toss out the old, make space for the new, and create an environment where finding what you need is a breeze.

Getting Organized For Long Term

3. Start Small

Sometimes, organizing a whole room feels like climbing a mountain. When the task feels unobtainable, start with the small and simple things first. Start with tackling just one drawer or one small shelf shelf. These small wins lead to big victories. It's like a domino effect — one small win leads to the next, and suddenly, you're tackling the whole room, and if you keep it up, the entire house.

4. Give Everything a Home Base

Creating a system for your stuff is the key to keeping things tidy. Every item needs a designated spot based on how often you use it. Need something daily? Keep it close and easy to grab. For those less-used items, give them a less prime real estate. Having a 'home' for everything makes finding stuff a piece of cake and putting things away quickly and efficiently.

Getting Organized

5. Buy Organizing Products Last

Hold off on diving into those shopping sprees for organizing products. The key here is understanding your belongings inside out. Take a moment to assess what requires storage and what deserves a place in your space. Once you've got that clear picture, you'll be ready to seek out the containers, bins, or dividers that match your specific needs. This way, you'll avoid acquiring unnecessary items and only buy organizing products that truly contribute to your organized space.

Dive In and Get Organized

Stick to these five organizing fundamentals and witness the transformation. Your space will evolve from clutter-central to a functional and stylish haven that suits your unique style enduringly. 

Need more guidance or have questions? Reach out to The Organized House — I'm here to help. And don't forget to keep me posted on your progress. I'd love to hear about your organizing journey.


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