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Organize a Playroom on a Budget

Updated: Jan 27

I love this playroom organizing project for so many reasons, but mainly because the space will stand the test of time and will easily evolve from a 7-year-old playroom to a teen hangout. The goals for this organizing project were to clear the clutter, give everything a home and allow for learning, exploration, and creativity. And also not break the bank.

We created three functional zones for creative play, homework, toy organization, and hanging out with friends. The organizing solutions and systems we put together are simple for maintaining and ensuring the clutter does not take over.

  • Art & homework zone

  • Reading zone

  • Toy & build zone

Since we needed the playroom to evolve over time, we chose to use all white furniture and incorporate more colorful accent pieces for the decorative accents and art pieces. This way, instead of replacing bigger ticket pieces, the client can add changes using less expensive items.

Creating an Organized Playroom That Will Stand the Test of Time

Below are the exact pieces we used on the mood board with links. Let me know if you have any questions about the products we selected. Starting at the top left and moving clockwise:

  1. Wild wallpaper from Chasing Paper

  2. BEKVÄM spice rack from IKEA (yes, spice rack turned bookshelf)

  3. Hanging string of pearls plant in white pot from Michaels

  4. Decorative round wood and wool wall coat hook from York Lam on Etsy

  5. Sunshine wall art (digital) from Niinikka on Etsy

  6. HOVSTA birch frames from IKEA

  7. Vintage-inspired red heart pennant from Anybodys Backyard on Etsy

  8. BERGIG book display with storage from IKEA (x2)

  9. 13" coiled rope square basket from Target (x4)

  10. Large clear Linus cube bin with handles from The Container Store (x2)

  11. Small water hyacinth bin from The Container Store (x4)

  12. MR. Edwards Clock (medium) from Rejuvenation

  13. Think Big wall art (digital) from Pixel Play Prints on Etsy

  14. Ion Lamp Workshop Edition from Schoolhouse (persimmon)

  15. Anchor Hocking canisters with lids from The Container Store (3 sizes)

  16. TROFAST storage combination with boxes from IKEA

  17. Chloe and Cotton extra large woven rope basket from Walmart

  18. Jute pouf from Amazon

  19. LANEBERG extendable table from IKEA

  20. Paper roll holder from Notorious Badger on Etsy

  21. Moroccan zigzag plush rug from Ruggable

  22. Beatty plastic dining chair from All Modern (ocean teal)

  23. DIGNITET curtain wire from IKEA (x2)

  24. Scallop ceramic stool from Urban Outfitters

  25. Reema floor and back cushion from Urban Outfitters

We'd love to help you create an organized(and beautiful!) playroom. You can book a free consultation here. And if you have not already done so, please follow us on Instagram

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