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Five Tips To Maximize Your Space

Updated: Apr 3

If you've been following The Organized House on Instagram, you know we talk a lot about "maximizing your space" — it's one of the things my team and I do best. Because who doesn't want a little extra space?

So, if you need a little more room in your home, here are five tips to help you gain a bit of space.

Declutter and do it often. Yes, decluttering is the most apparent and the most daunting task, but if you get rid of the items that are no longer serving you and bringing you joy, you will have room for the things that truly matter.

Decluttering To Maximize Your Space

But let me emphasize the real tip here is to bake decluttering into your daily routines and habits. This means you aren't doing a frantic decluttering session when you're knee-deep, but instead, declutter as you go. So, for example, if you are putting on your makeup and know you don't use a particular lipstick or eyeliner any longer, toss it out immediately. Or if you go to the mailbox and start sorting your mail, toss the junk mail and magazines immediately in the recycle bin instead of leaving them to pile up.

Think vertically. If you've already decluttered and are still longing for more space, you can always take advantage of your vertical space and use your walls' upwards real estate — especially doors.

Use Vertical Space To Maximize Your Space

The Over The Door Rack from The Container Store will change your life. Using this rack, you can tap into your vertical space, which is often an overlooked opportunity for maximizing space. In addition, this rack is well-made, highly customizable, and versatile.

Use shelf risers. If you're short on cabinet storage, try inserting a shelf riser—you'll instantly increase your storage capacity. It's a small change that makes a shockingly big difference. My favorite shelf riser is the "Large Cabinet Shelf" from The Container Store or the "Cabinet Storage Shelf Rack" on Amazon from Smart Design.

Use Shelf Risers To Maximize Your Space

I recommend not using the expandable option. It may seem like a good idea to be able to adjust, but unfortunately, the two sections easily slide apart, and there will be a small but very awkward, uneven section where the two pieces connect. As a result, your items will not sit flat, and cans or glasses can topple over.

Adjust your shelving height. If you have adjustable shelving in your cupboards, pantry, or cabinets, we HIGHLY recommend you space them out to match your individual storage needs. Yes, sometimes it's a pain in the butt and time-consuming to adjust, but the results of having more cupboard space outweigh the effort — big time.

Adjust Shelves To Maximize Your Space

Sometimes the pins can be tricky to remove and put back in. You can use small needle nose plyers to remove the pins stuck in the holes and a small rubber mallet to secure the pins back in place.

Not sure your shelves need adjusting? Send me a picture, and I'll give you my recommendations.

Make good use of your closets. Closets are hidden gems that can enhance your home. A functional closet will make daily routines and habits more efficient, practical, and easy to maintain.

Plus, a well-planned and designed closet can make your home more appealing to a buyer. Several real estate agents have told me that a beautiful and functional closet is a home asset that can increase the value of a home. California Closet and The Container Store are two great options for custom closets.

Out of these five tips to maximize your space, which one are you most likely to implement? Please let me know if you need organizing help or product recommendations. My email and Instagram messages are always open.


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